Reaching Back And Reaching Out -
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Reaching Back and Reaching Out Testimonial
"I am the coordinator of an annual statewide conference for jail administrators in Wisconsin. We hired Joshua to speak to our 140 participants, on the recommendation of a few of them who had heard him previously. His presentation was, simply, the best part of our three-day event! Everyone was very impressed by Joshua and his story. In particular, many said that it was good to hear a true success story about a former inmate, for a change! Joshua is a great speaker with a great, and important, message."
"I would not hesitate to hire Joshua again to speak to law enforcement or corrections officials, and I especially hope that he gets to talk to as many young people as possible. Not many people can really make a difference in the lives of young folks—particularly those with troubled backgrounds—but Joshua Johnson is someone who definitely can."
-Martin Drapkin-Education Consultant/Training and Standards Bureau/Division of Law Enforcement Services

"All the inmates keep talking about how real his story is. They can feel his sincerity in wanting to help them change. And the tools he shares with them are invaluable."   
 -Teacher at Racine Correctional Institution
"He really gave us insight into the challenges of being an ex-offender and how he became successful once he was released."     
-Attendee at recent Department of Corrections conference
"Mr. Johnson was really speaking from the heart and has a good message."      
 -Inmate at Racine Correctional Institution in Wisconsin
"I enjoyed the energy Mr. Johnson spoke with as well as his honesty and motivation."       
 -Inmate at Racine Correctional Institution
"I enjoyed the honesty of Mr. Johnson and his ability to relate to the struggles of being released and being successful."        
-Inmate at Racine Correctional Institution
"Mr. Johnson, my husband heard you speak recently at Racine Correctional Institution. He asked that I tell you that you encouraged him and helped him to see that there is life after prison and probation. I am very proud of my husband for really listening to you and taking your teachings to heart. You must be very good because my husband takes few positive things serious. My husband and I firmly believe the work you are doing for inmates is essential and inspiring to others lead a positive life and remove themselves from negative situations."
-Tonya W. -Wife of an inmate at Racine Correctional Institution
"Mr. Johnson, you are by far the best and most inspirational speaker I have ever heard in my life. You bring a wonderful attitude and direction to my recovery. Thank you. I could have sat through another session and been as excited as the first. As crazy as it sounds, you brought tears to my eyes and brought joy to my Friday night. Thank you."
-Inmate at Racine Correctional Institution